A Russian Imperial Military Diploma (Patent) of Major Johan von Hausen for the rank of Rotmister (Cavalry Captain) in the Life Guard Horse Regiment, issued in St.Petersburg in 1738 and signed by Empress Anna (ruled 1730-1740), handpainted with gold and watercolor on parchment, with applied Imperial wax seal. 9 1/2 x 15 1/2 in. (24 x 40 cm),  framed 19 1/2 x 25 3/4 in. (49,5 x 65 cm).

The diploma states that Johan von Hausen, who was admitted to Russian military service in the rank of Major, is granted the rank of Rotmister in the Life Guard Horse Regiment on March 6, 1738. 

A brief translation of the further text, "We (the Empress) believe that the above mentioned OUR officer will continue to serve US loyally and well, and WE signed this document with OUR own hand and ordered to seal it with OUR State Seal, issued in St. Petersburg in the year of seventeen thirty eight, the sixth day of March." Signed ANNA.

The Life Guard Horse Regiment was instituted by Empress Anna in 1731, and was one of the most elite unites of the Army, which primarily escorted the Empress and guarded the Imperial palace. 

The privileged position of the Regiment is clearly seen in the text of this document: the officer of the Army in the rank of Major transferred to the Horse Guard Regiment with the lower rank of Captain (Rotmister), and it was a great honor and privilege. 

The Chief of the Regiment was Empress Anna herself, in the rank of Colonel.


Overall condition - excellent for its age: traces of two vertical central folds, bright colors and gilding, clean, intact wax seal, which is usually missing on such documents.

The upper border is decorated with a cipher of Empress Anna Ioanovna between two Imperial double headed eagles. The gilded inscription in capital letters reads, "BY GRACE OF GOD WE ANNA EMPRESS AND AUTOCRAT OF ALL RUSSIAS and etcetera, and etcetera, and etcetera."



The border is painted and richly gilded with attributes of War in classical taste.

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