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Demantoid and Ruby
Dangling Earrings
Buy antique Russian demantoid garnet gold earrings

Rare Antique Russian Solitaire Demantoid Garnet Earrings

made in St Petersburg between 1899 and 1904

56 zolotniks rose gold (14K-583), two claw-set oval Uralian demantoids, approximately 1 ct each / 2 ct  total weight

Russian demantoids are considered to be the finest, rarest, and most expensive. First discovered in the mid 19th century in the Ural mountains, demantoids were frequently used in Victorian era jewelry and were especially popular in Imperial Russia. Modern supply of the Uralian demantoids is very limited with just a few stones mined each year. Russian demantoids of this size are rare, and genuine antique Russian jewelry with such stones is virtually unobtainable.

The Uralian demantoids have specific inclusions which look like golden brown threads and are
known as "horsetail". Presence of such inclusions, which confirms the origin of demantoids, increases the value of stones.

Both earrings have demantoids with horsetail inclusions.

Overall height 5/8 in. (15 mm), demantoids height 5/16 in. (7 mm)

Solitaire Demantoid Earrings
Solitaire Demantoid

Demantoid garnet cluster earrings
Russian Demantoid Garnet
Cluster Earrings

Earrings with demantoids
5.42 ct tw
Demantoid Drop Earrings

Demantoid engagement ring
Russian Demantoid
Vintage Engagement Ring

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    demantoid jewelry with Russian Ural demantoid garnets - antique green demantoid earrings

Horsetail inclusions in Russian Urals demantoid garnets

Fine antique Russian demantoid garnet with bold horse tail inclusion.

Marked with 56 zolotniks standard (14K-583), initials of St Petersburg assayer Yakov Liapunov (ЯЛ) and workmaster's initials 'Г.П."


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