Romanov dynasty tercentenary 1913 Russian orthodox silver and enamel cross for sale
The Romanov Tercentenary Cross

A silver-gilt and cloisonne enamel Russian Orthodox jubilee cross given to priests who served on February 21, 1913, the day of the Romanov dynasty 300th anniversary.

The cross is designed in the 17th century style and surmounted by the Hat of Monomakh, an ancient crown of Russian tsars.

Russian Romanov Cross 1913 for sale
The top arm of the cross is decorated with the coat of arms of the Romanovs.  Ciphers of the first Romanov Tsar - Michael, and of the ruling Tsar - Nicholas II, on the left and right arms of the cross.  

Dates "1613 - 1913" in Old Cyrillic script on the lower arm of the cross.

The inscription in Old Slavonic around the center, could be translated as THROUGH GOD TSARS ARE RULING.

The cross is stamped with Moscow assay mark for 84 zolotniks standard (875 silver) and maker's initials.

Height 2 3/4 in. (68 mm)


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