Russian Cloisonne Enamel Large Beaker

    Large Antique Cloisonne Enamel Beaker

Silver and Enamel Applique by Feodor Ruckert

Antique Cloisonné Enamel on Silver Applique

Attributed to Feodor Ruckert

Russian Silver and Enamel Kovsh

Russian Gilded Silver and Enamel Kovsh

Silver-gilt and Cloisonne Enamel Tea Glass Holder

Antique Russian Tea Glass Holder

19th Century Cloisonne Enamel on Silver

Russian Silver and Shaded Cloisonne Enamel Case

Russian Silver and Shaded Enamel Cigarette Case

Cloisonne Enamel Kovsh by the 20th Artel

Large Antique Gilded Silver and Enamel Russian Kovsh

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antique Faberge silver and cloisonne enamel vodka cup - charka by Feodor Ruckert for sale
Antique Faberge Vodka Cup (Charka)
by Feodor Ruckert
antique Russian cloisonne enamel on silver bowl with Kremlin by Khlebnikov for sale
Antique Russian Silver and Enamel Bowl
by Khlebnikov
antique Russian silver and cloisonne enamel tea glass holder for sale
Russian Silver and Enamel
Tea Glass Holder by 11th Artel
large antique Russian silver gilt and shaded cloisonne enamel kovsh for sale
Large Antique Russian Silver and Enamel Kovsh
by Nicholas Alexeev
large antique Imperial Russian cloisonne on gilded silver jeweled bowl
Antique Large Jeweled Cloisonne Enamel Bowl
by Nicholas Alexeev

High-End Antique Imperial Russian Silver and Cloisonne Enamel 

for sale on

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