Empress Catherine II signed documents - royal collectibles

18th-19th Century Private Archive

Empress Catherine II Signed Documents

antique seal box with arms of the Russian Empire

Antique Seal Box with the Coat of Arms

of the Russian Empire c. 1890

Antique Faberge Imperial presentation copper and brass World War I beaker with cipher of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

Faberge World War I Beaker

Given by Empress Alexandra Feodorovna

Faberge 1914 WW I bowl for sale

Carl Faberge World War I Copper Bowl 1914

Antique Silver and Enamel Sale. Russian Imperial Presentation Cloisonne Enamel Kovsh

Antique Russian Imperial Presentation Kovsh

Cloisonne Enamel on Silver Gilt

Russian Romanov Tercentenary 1913 Cross for sale

Romanov Tercentenary Cross

Russian Imperial Romanov Badge 1913

Romanov Badge 1913

Czar Nicholas II Palace Wine Goblet, Russian Imperial Glass

Imperial Russian Palace Wine Glass

with cipher of Tsar Nicholas II

Imperial Russian Tsarskoe Selo Palace Antique Champagne Glass

Tsarskoe Selo Palace Champagne Glass

with Russian Imperial Eagle

Russian Czar Nicholas II Glass Decanter

Czar Nicholas II Glass Decanter

World War I Glass 1914

Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Photograph

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Photograph

Nicholas II portrait plaque

Emperor Nicholas II

Porcelain Plaque

Russian Imperial Porcelain Vase c.1873

Russian Imperial Porcelain Vase

from the Winter Palace

Gold, Silver and Enamel Jeton of the Horse Guard Regiment

Russian Imperial Horse Guard Helmet 

Miniature Gold Charm (Jeton)

Russian dragoon palash blade c. 1710

Palash Blade c. 1710

Dragoon Sword of Peter the Great Army

Russian White Badge Cross of the Order of St George for bravery in the World War I

Russian Gold and Enamel

Cross of the Order of St George

Russian Imperial Order of White Eagle for sale

Antique Russian Silver-Gilt and Enamel

Star of the Order of White Eagle

Antique Russian Diamond Star of the Order of St Alexander Nevsky 1850s

Antique Russian Breast Star

the Order of St Alexander Nevsky

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova signed photograph for sale

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna

Signed Photograph 1914

Czar Nicholas II 1896 Coronation glass beaker

Czar Nicholas II

1896 Coronation Glass


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Nicholas and Alexandra silver watch 1890s
Nicholas and Alexandra
antique silver pocket watch

Pavel Bure gold pocket watch Paul Buhre antique watches
Imperial Gold Watch
with enamel eagle

Tsar Nicholas II Coronation Poster 1896
Tsar Nicholas II
Coronation poster 1896

Tsar Nicholas II cipher Porcelain Easter Egg for sale
Tsar Nicholas II 
Imperial Presentation Porcelain Egg

Tsarevich Alexei beaker for cossacks
Tsarevich Alexei Beaker
for cossacks

Genuine Russian Imperial Memorabilia, Objects Related to The Last Tsar of Russia and the Romanov Royal Family


Original Antique Tsar Nicholas II inscribed photograph, tsar's signature
Tsar Nicholas II Signed
Photograph with Imperial

Autographs of Russian Last Tsar Czar Nicholas II and his son Czarevich Alexei Nikolaevich on a 1913 photograph for sale

1913 Photograph
with Autographs of
Nicholas II and Czarevich

Russian Tsarina Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Signed Antique Photograph 1908 for sale
Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna
Signed Photograph 1908

Tsarevich Alexis son of Tsar Nicholas II signed photograph 1914
Tsarevich Alexis Nikolaevich
Signed Photograph 1914

Engagement photograph of Tsar Nicholas II and Alix of Hesse inscribed by Tsarevich Royal Greek Provenance for sale - Фотография помолвки подписаная Николаем II
Nicholas and Alexandra
Engagement photograph of Nicholas II

Grand Duchess Tatyana signed photograph
Grand Duchess Tatiana

signed photograph 1914

RARE Signed Photographs of the Russian Imperial Romanov Family


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